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Download manual; V2 GSM Speech Dialler. product data for Pyronix Ltd, FPV2TEL Speech Dialler, V2 TEL PSTN, Pyronix, Speech Diallers. View trade pricing and product data for Pyronix Ltd, FPV2GSMGB Speech Dialler, V2 GSM c/w SMS, Pyronix, Speech Diallers.

SD1+ Speech Dialler OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Perfect security for your apartment, house, and business Version 01/03 These operating instructions are part of this product. Boasting 6 inputs and 4 controllable outputs, it’s the ideal solution for customers who would like total control and monitoring of their home or workplace. Alarm control units, for example, often provide such a supply for connected equipment. TSI Code:. The M60 is a full blown GSM Speech Dialler, allowing you to fit the M60 in locations where it is not possible to get a landline.

6 Inputs allows connections to Alarm Control Panels, Nurse Call Devices, Flood Sensors, Environmental Monitoring Systems and all other multi-channel Warning Systems. , User Manual, 836 Kb. The V2 TEL Speech Dialler can send out alarm voice messages after an activation to an input, all of which are programmable. If advance notice isn’t practical, the telephone company will notify you as soon as possible. Flexible, convenient and programmable speech dialler The V2 TEL Speech Dialler can send out alarm voice messages after an activation to an input, all of which are programmable. nonconforming Software, contact UTC Fire & Security Customer Service toll-free at or. The speech message is also easily recorded by speaking into the built-in microphone, in the user&39;s natural voice and in any language.

Morning folks, i need some help with wiring an SD1 speech dialler to an accenta G4 alarm panel. c) Enter the digits of the telephone number; 21 digits are allowed or the number is accepted automatically upon entry of the 21st digit. The speech dialler can send out alarm voice messages or SMS messages after an activation to an input, all of which are programmable. Enter 9 3 1 Program the message types for the telephone numbers.

Recorded messages stored in non-volatile memory. 2 Inputs allow connections to an Alarm Control Panel as well as a triggered relay output. Download manual; Galaxy. Installers at Smartech Security can categorise different sensors to separate partitions(max 3) and each partition can be armed and disarmed separately. instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. 3 CALL TELEPHONE NUMBER This function allows the user to make an outgoing call. Unit J - Broughton Business Park, Caxton Rd, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9BT email protected Company NoVAT No.

The V2 GSM is the latest innovative speech dialler from Pyronix Ltd. * Certain older types of telephone may require a tone dialling simulator to do this. v2 tel speech dialer user manual When connected to a telephone line the SD1. The V2 GSM is a speech dialler that uses GSM communication and requires a sim card (any network, monthly or pay as you talk). , Emeryville, California warrants this product to be in good working order for a period of five years from date of. Overview Introduction Alarm Control Panel Auxiliary Telephone Input Telephone Speech Dialler Network Intruder (3) PA (2) Fire (1) Aux (4) Contact 1 SMS Service Centre Mobile Network or Contact 2 Contact 3 or Contact 4 Contact 5 or Contact 6 Contact 7 or Contact 8 4 ghi 2 abc 3 def 7 pqrs 5 jkl 8. Currently i have a keypad wired to it but i would like to replace it with the speech dialler, and maybe have the keypad in the kitchen near the back door.

Date Title File Type File Size; : Overview: 594 Kb: : User Manual: 836 Kb: Please. The diallers may also be used as a normal telephone if required. User Manual V2 TEL EASY START GUIDE EnterThis enters the user menu.

If no acknowledgement has been received then the dialler shuts down. Repeat for all other numbers if required 901-909. Once all necessary connections have been made to the Speech Dialler, clip the cover on to the base taking care not to trap any cables. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment. Download manual; Euro 162.

The speech dialler can send out alarm voice messages after an activation to an input, all of which are programmable. V2 Tel Speech DiallerDials up to 4 contact numbers with 10 second voice messageEvent logIncludes microphone and speakersA voice dial-system, equipment monitoring and control device on the PSTN network2 Year Warranty. Listen-In Mode The listen-in mode switches the internal microphone or an RMU to the telephone line so that you can hear v2 tel speech dialer user manual activity at the protected site. The Texecom Speech Dialler enables communication of alarm information to 8 contacts, which can be either standard or mobile telephone numbers. User Manual V2 TEL EASY START GUIDE EnterThis enters the user menu.

The trigger inputs are normally connected to the alarm control panel communicator outputs or bell output. Cheap Prices for Texecom, Pyronix, Visonic, Scantronic, Honeywell Pyronix V2 TEL PSTN Speech Dialler with Automation Control V2TEL - The V2 TEL is the latest innovative speech dialler from Pyronix Ltd. Pressing cancels the factory reset. b) Press the number corresponding to the memorised telephone number to be changed (1, 2 or 3). B-TEL2 Installation and User Manual (Italian/English/Spanish) v2 0.

The Speech Dialler has programmable outputs that can be remotely controlled using a touch-tone telephone. The EPA GSM Speech Dialler can be used for remote sites where telephone landlines are non-existent. Each input can have its own individual user recordable speech message meaning you are not stuck with a universal “channel 1 alarm” but could have more a more useful “Fire in Shed Gamma. The dialler may also be used as a normal telephone if required. They contain important information about commissioning and handling. Features The V2 TEL and V2 GSM both operate as a keypad that include 6 inputs, 4 outputs, an antenna (V2 GSM only), and.

User Manual V2 GSM Pyronix Ltd Page: 10 5. Intruder Alarms Castle Panels. Download manual; Enforcer.

The EPA GSM Speech Dialler uses the mobile phone network (and will accept any mobile telephone network SIM card). 0 Declarations of Conformity. 4 Outputs can be controlled locally by the GSM Dialer’s keypad or else remotely by a free iOS or Android app. Download manual; Euro 46.

TSI Code:. Enter 9 0 1 Program telephone number 1. Euro Mini Prox (Grade 2x), Might in Miniature, Euro Mini User Manual, Download V2 TEL, PSTN Speech Dialler with Automation Control, User, Download. sequence for all three telephone numbers.

Three trigger inputs, programmable as active. The AD01 PSTN Voice Dialer makes use of a standard telephone line to call up to 9 user programmed telephone numbers to warn of an intrusion and other types of emergency events. All telephone numbers stored in non-volatile memory. The SD2 displays the factory-reset menu: At this point: Pressing defaults the SD2 to factory settings. Hold down 9 and reconnect the power to the speech dialler.

Here you’ll find user manuals for fire alarms, intruder alarms and a range of other products. V2 GSM Installation Manual 5. Input No 5 can be programmed as a system status input and Input No 6 can be programmed as an abort input. 1 3 R I N G S B E F O R E A N S W E RThe remote menu of the V2 GSM is accessed when the telephone number of the V2 GSM is dialled. Speech Dialler Engineering Information Features One location message of 11 seconds, and 3 alarm messages of 3 seconds each. Unique, easy to use, “Follow Me” telephone number. The AD06 GSM Voice and Text Auto Dialer provides a complete solution to all your GSM notification needs.

Voice Messages The Speech Dialler has a built-in microphone & speaker so that audio. Page 18: Rings 5. Keep these instructions for. Catalogue No1: FPV2TEL: Downloads. See more videos for V2 Tel Speech Dialer User Manual. DL-125C can function as a stand-alone unit in a durable plastic housing.

Pyronix V2 Tel Programming and Installation Manual Speech Dialler with Automation Control. Speech DiallerOperators Manual 4 INS233-2 Inputs:The dialler has four trigger inputs; each input can be assigned a voice message and/or a text message (Speech & Textonly). (During severe storms it is possible to lose the telephone landline rendering the main telephone landline alarm useless). 0 B-TEL2 Manuale di Installazione e Uso (Italiano/Inglese/Spagnolo) v2 0. The telephone and pager numbers are easily programmed or modified using a built-in keyboard. Perfect for residential home and small businesses, Pyronix Enforcer 10 wireless burglar alarm with GSM Speech Dialler is completely customisable to add more sensors, dummy siren, proximity tags and accessories to build your custom security pack. Page 1 SD1 Operating Instructions C B A Control Panel Speech Dialler BT Line Tel No 1 Tel No 2 Tel No 3 Telephone. There are 6 inputs onboard.

The V2 TEL is an audio communication and remote automation module. Speech Dialler Installation Manual 2 INS232-2 1. Please keep this in mind should this product be given to a third party. It can be used as a stand alone system or it can be connected to the programmable outputs of any control panel.

Security Supplies. 1 0 V O I C E M E S S A G E R E P E A T SVoice messages can be repeated up to 9 times during a call if required. The V2 TEL is a speech dialler that uses PSTN communication and requires a telephone line. Boasting up to 14 inputs, 52 controllable outputs and fully duplex signalling, the V2GSM Speech Dialler is the ideal solution for end-users who would like total control and monitoring of their home or workplace, from anywhere in the world. , Overview, 594 Kb. Speech Dialler Telephone Auxiliary Input BT Line Tel No 2 Tel No 3 Tel No 4 Tel No 1 A 1 D C BENT 0 ESC Alarm system control SD1+ unit (or other equipment) The SD1+ also requires a 12VDC supply.

v2 tel speech dialer user manual If a number of less than 21 digits is required, press Tel to end the entry of the number. Speech Dialler, V2 TEL PSTN. GSM Speech Dialler. Vigilant VS1 and VS2 Technical Reference Manual vii • If the dialer v2 tel speech dialer user manual is harming the telephone network, the telephone company will notify you in advance that temporary discontinuance of service may be required.

Verbatim Owner&39;s Manual Warranty RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Co. Download manual; V2 Telephone Speech Dialler.

V2 tel speech dialer user manual

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